How Memory Care Makes A Difference For Those With Dementia

You may find a memory care facility that specializes in caring for individuals with some form of dementia, or a unit within an assisted living facility dedicated to memory care. This level of care keeps your loved one who is dealing with dementia safe and works to provide a familiar environment that is calming. The environment is secure, which means your loved one won't be able to wander off without supervision. The goal is to promote independence while implementing strategies that reduce anxiety and make it easier to navigate around the facility. Color coding may be used to identify a resident's room, and care is specific to each person that lives there.

Promoting Independence in Memory Care Communities

The loss of independence is stressful for many people who are diagnosed with dementia. In a memory care community, independence is encouraged in all ways. While a person may need help cutting up food, they may be able to eat independently otherwise. Staff is trained in how to help those with memory needs live as independently as possible while offering the help needed to get through each day. 

When Behavior Issues Are a Concern

You may have a loved one with memory issues who has started lashing out at others, or who is quick to start crying out of frustration. Memory care communities offer more than basic activities for residents. Therapeutic interventions to help improve memory and decrease anxiety can help improve overall behavior. If a specific issue arises, the care received can be individualized to figure out what is causing the behavior and to address it right away.

Quality of Life Improvements with Memory Care

Once you realize that a loved one doesn't have a good quality of life because they are isolated at home, a memory care community can have a positive impact. When your loved one no longer has to take care of their own needs and isn't isolated, the quality of life improves. It is stressful to try to take care of a home. For those with dementia, the tasks eventually become impossible to deal with and anxiety takes over.

Memory care communities give you the peace of mind you need to know that your loved one has the care they need to remain safe. When dementia progresses, staying safe in a familiar setting is vital. With advancing needs, your loved one is monitored for safety and is always taken care of with respect in a memory care community.

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