Preventing Social Isolation In Assisted Living Facilities

If your senior loved one is unable to live independently at home, you may need to consider an assisted living facility. While almost all seniors who enter facilities adjust to their new surroundings rather quickly, some aging adults may be hesitant to come out of their rooms, which can cause social isolation. Fortunately, the staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities take steps to help ensure that the residents stay socially engaged and active. Here are some interventions assisted living staff members take to help minimize isolation among its residents.

Day Trips

Day trips are frequently organized so that the residents can interact with the peers, while enjoying social events such as baseball games, petting zoos, museums, plays, and movies. In addition, shopping trips are also planned so that the residents can purchase groceries and household items that they need.

Most assisted living facilities have buses to transport the residents to their day trip destinations and social engagements. Before your senior loved one can go on a day trip, the responsible party needs to sign a permission slip. If the resident is not cognitively impaired, he or she can act as his own responsible party, however, if the person has dementia, you will have to act as the responsible party. 

In-House Activity Calendar Events

The facility's activity department staff members develop a monthly event calendar so that residents can choose which activities they would like to participate in. The calendar has a large variety of activities that appeal to a broad base of people. Some activities your loved one may participate in include crafting, painting, cooking, and bingo.

Musical events with local performers are other activities your senior loved one can attend. All residents are encouraged to attend, however, if the person does not feel well, a staff member will ask permission to visit the resident in his or her room.

The resident and staff member can play cards, board games, or simply watch a movie together. Sometimes, residents request a manicure, and if the senior doesn't want to venture out into the "day room" where most facility activities are held, the staff member can bring the nail polish and other manicure tools into the resident's room. A full activity calendar helps ensure that your senior loved one stays engaged and socially interacts with his or her new friends at the assist living facility.

To learn more about assisted living communities, call the administrator to make an appointment for a tour. 

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