The Importance Of Wound Care After A Pressure Sore Or Surgery

Taking good care of a wound is always important, but for those that are medically fragile, wound care can be lifesaving. When an individual has a wound that results from consistent contact with a bed, for example, it can be very difficult for them to heal. Constant vigilance is needed to keep the wound from getting deeper. For those with a compromised immune system or trouble healing because of conditions like diabetes, wound care services make it possible to heal damaged tissue and avoid further complications. If you or your loved one is trying to manage with a wound that is not healing, it's time to meet with wound care services to get some help.

Pressure Sores That Won't Heal

Pressure sores are graded by stage. In stage one, it appears as a red spot on the skin. By stage four, the wound is open and you can visibly see muscles, tendons, and bone. They are caused when an individual is confined to a bed or wheelchair and is not able to move about. A stage one pressure sore can begin as early as two hours in the same position. Once a stage four pressure sore is present, it takes careful wound care to get the wound to heal. If it gets infected, problems with an infection can become systemic and fatal.

Wound Care After Surgery

A surgical procedure can leave you with a significant wound that needs to heal. You may have drains that need to be checked daily and bandages that have to be replaced. Wound care services take a careful look at your wound and make sure that it is healing as it should be. The wound should be cleaned and properly dressed to give you the best chance at healing. Surgical wounds can get infected without proper cleaning, so it's important to follow all the prescribed protocol after surgery. 

Your Individualized Wound Care Plan

Your type of wound, your medical status, and your ability to take care of the wound on your own, all become part of your wound care plan. For those that can't take care of their own needs, a wound care plan emphasizes the care needs and what should be done, step-by-step, in order to help you heal.

It can be difficult to heal after developing a pressure sore or surgical wound. Work with your specialist and understand the role of wound care services as you heal.